Director, Kisuk Cho

Director, Kisuk Cho


The “third wave” of democratization in the late 1980s enabled the world’s citizens to participate politics as well as diplomacy. In line with this trend, there has been a paradigm shift from professional diplomacy to public diplomacy. The Korean Government is now actively involved in public diplomacy, having appointed its first Ambassador of Public Diplomacy and having established the Center for Public Diplomacy.

Ewha Womans University was the first in Korea to initiate both graduate and undergraduate courses in public diplomacy as a pioneer in academia. Ewha seeks to uphold the social responsibility of universities by developing a model of Korean public diplomacy through research, education and training, implementation, networking, and service-sharing. By doing so, Ewha aims to strengthen governmental and citizen capacity for building public diplomacy.

Kisuk Cho, Ph.D. in Political Science


  • The five colored fan-shaped Public Diplomacy Center emblem symbolize five of the world's continents. Within the emblem, the shapes are all connected without beginning or end, representing people from different continents linking arms together. Our emblem illustrates our vision in pursuit of world peace and co-prosperity through public diplomacy activities.


·        RESEARCH

  • o    To develop theory through comparative, cross-national research on public diplomacy
  • o    To evaluate Korea’s public diplomacy capacity in order to develop a Korean public diplomacy model
  • o    To conduct empirical research to seek a best-practice public diplomacy strategy and applicable modules in the field


  • o    To offer relevant courses for undergraduate and graduate students
  • o    To provide internships that connect theory and practice
  • o    To provide advanced education and training for professionals in the field


  • o    To connect main partners in the public and private spheres
  • o    To provide a venue for communication through seminars, forums, workshops and symposiums, thus coordinating diverse institutions and stakeholders


  • o    To host various public diplomacy events, including the Korean-German Forum and the Korean-German Junior Forum
  • o    To communicate with citizens to raise awareness of public diplomacy and cultivate global citizenship by cooperating with the media


  • o    To collaborate with public diplomacy Non-Profit Organizations to serve the world community
  • o    To organize and participate in sharing activities for a better world


  • ·        Mar. 2008 Established a regular course titled,   at Graduate School of International Studies
  • ·        Sep. 2008 Established a special course titled, at the undergraduate Division of International Studies
  • ·        Dec. 2011 Selected as co-host of the Korean-German Forum with the Korea Foundation
  • ·        Oct. 2012 Co-hosted the   with the Department of German Language and Literature of Ewha Womans University
  • ·        June. 2013 Co-hosted the 12th in Goslar, Germany with the Korea Foundation
  • ·        Sep. 2013 was established in the IITC at Ewha Womans University
  • ·        Dec. 2013 Reselected as the host of the Korea-German Forum  for the next 6 years
  • ·        Feb. 2014 The Public Diplomacy Center held an opening ceremony and a Public Private Partnership Workshop
  • ·        Mar. 2014 Conducting research on “What Makes Public Diplomacy Effective” 
  •        July. 2014 Co-hosted the 13th    in Seoul, with the Korea Foundation
  • ·        July. 2014 Co-hosted the   with the Department of German Language and Literature of Ewha Womans University
  •        July. 2014 Hosted
  •        July. 2014 Hosted
  •        July. 2014 Hosted a special lecture on
  • May. 2022 Hosted the Roudtable: Methodological Approaches to Public Diplomacy
  • June. 2022 Hosted the ISA2022 Catch-up Panel: Public Diplomacy Studies







 Kisuk Cho


 Kadir Ayhan Jun 

 Vice Director

 Min Jee Oh


 Yoorim Kim


 Paula Higgins


 Christina F. Mandagi Research Intern


      • Address: Public Diplomacy Center at the Institute for International and Area Studies
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