·       Article 1 (Objectives)

·        The fundamental objective of the Research Ethics Rules (the Rules hereafter) shall be to prevent unjust ethical conduct by the authors of the International Studies Review (ISR hereafter).

·      Article 2 (Scope of Unjust Research Conduct)

·        Unjust research conduct comprises: Creating non-existing data or research results; plagiarism, i.e. using the others’ idea, research contents and/or results without appropriate citation/permission; any other kind of conduct not acknowledged in the academics profession in general.

·       Article 3 (Prohibition of Unjust Research Conduct)

·        Manuscripts relating to unjust research conduct stipulated in Article 2 shall not be published in the ISR.

·        Article 4 (Research Ethics Committee)

·        The Research Ethics Committee (the Committee hereafter) consisting of five professionals including at least three Editorial Board Members of the ISR has the authority of investigating the concerned case. The Editor of the ISR appoints the Committee Members and heads of the Committee.

·       Article 5 (Protection of the Complainant)

·        A complainant may use any instrument of communication to complain about the unjust research conduct. The Committee should protect the complainant’s interest.

·        Article 6 (Period of Investigation)

·        The Committee should arrive at a conclusion within two months from the beginning of the investigation.

·     Article 7 (Effectiveness)

·        The Rules would be effective beginning from July 1, 2007

·      Article 8 (Revision of the Rules)

·        The Rules can be revised by a decision of the Editorial Board of the ISR

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