What is the English Lounge?

Serviced by a team of exchange students, and Ewha Students, the Lounge offers students opportunities to talk with native speakers of English, or to fellow students, in an environment that is both enjoyable and relaxing. The Lounge also offers music, TV, games, discussion groups and other opportunities to develop conversation skills. We also have a collection of English books, magazines, and newspapers to read, plus a small number of PCs.

Who can go?

All students are free to make use of the Lounge, but some students may be required to visit the Lounge. These students will be given speaking activities to perform in the Lounge, which should last at least 20-30 minutes in length. The Lounge staff will need to register their attendance and sign them out after they complete the assignment. They will also monitor the activities to make sure students speak English at all times and stay on task. Further details about this will be provided by instructors during class.

Do I have to speak English when I go?

Yes, the English Lounge is an English-only Zone. This means that if students wish to speak Korean, they should leave the room to do so. Anyone heard speaking Korean will be asked to stop and continue their conversations in English. This goes for anyone speaking on their cell phones too.

What won't the English Lounge do?

We do not help students work on their essays or proofread any English-related documents. If students need help with this, then they should book an appointment with the Writing Clinic. While some tutors are happy to answer any questions students may have about essay writing, or any other English-related assignments, the primary purpose of the Lounge is to provide visitors with an opportunity to develop their conversation skills.

When can I go?

No appointment is necessary so students can visit the Lounge anytime they like. The Lounge is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Each tutor is scheduled to be in the Lounge at a particular hour each week.

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