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  • Lim Kyuwon
    Welcome to anyone who will be reading this bio! I am Lim Kyuwon, currently majoring in Korean-English Interpretation at Ewha. If you are having a hard time writing in English and need help, you can always come to our English Writing Center. Our wonderful staff (including myself) will greet you warmly and put much effort in order to improve your writing. If you happen to come across me as a consultant, I'll make sure you walk out of the English Center with much satisfaction. English as a second language can be difficult, but do not give up!
    MajorEnglish Interpretation
  • Juyeon Kim
    Greetings! My name is Juyeon Kim and I will be your English Writing Consultant. I am currently studying Korean-English Translation at EWHA GSTI. Writing is hard and at times more for some of us than for others. Here at the English Writing Center, I'll be helping you produce more accurate and polished writing content!
    MajorEnglish Translation
  • Miyoung Jeong
    Hello! I'm Miyoung Jeong, majoring in TESOL at Ewha Graduate School of Teaching Foreign Languages. English writing can be fun, but certain requirements need some training. I particularly enjoy writing and correcting and, above all, being helpful. So, if you have any problems or need assistance, please feel free to come by. I look forward to sharing my insights into academic writing at the English Writing Center and helping you to the best of my abilities! :)
  • Jung Hyun Park
    Hello, my name is Jung Hyun Park. I am currently majoring in English Translation at EWHA GSTI. I understand that writing in English can be intimidating. When you feel stuck while brainstorming, organizing your sentences, and writing in general, please feel free to come by to the English Writing Center. I’ll be happy to help you to the best of my ability. I look forward to seeing you at the Writing Center!

    MajorEnglish Translation
  • Dain Kweon
    Hello! My name is Dain Kweon, and I am a graduate student majoring in Korean-English Translation. Whatever your goals or challenges may be in English writing, I'm here to help you achieve them. I'm excited to connect with you and provide assistance with your writing. I look forward to meeting you at the Writing Center!
    MajorEnglish Translation
  • Joohye Kim
    Hi, I’m Joohye, majoring in English-Korea Interpretation.I’m thrilled to be your consultant at the English Writing Center! Together, we’ll dive into your ideas, brainstorm, and refine your writing. Let’s embark on this journey of creativity and clarity, and I guarantee we’ll have a fun time together while helping you excel in your English assignments!
    MajorEnglish Interpretation
  • Hye Yeon Noh
    Hello! My name is Hye Yeon. I am majoring in English Education at Ewha Graduate School of Education. I am ready to help anyone willing to improve their English writing. Let’s work together to achieve your goals.
    MajorEnglish Education