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3rd STAGE (2013-2017)


Proposing a New Look on Human Beings through Posthumanism
The penetration of digital technology into our lives in the 21st century is changing the structure of temporal and spatial experiences and sensory modalities, and bio-technological advances are blurring the traditional boundaries between human and animal, mind and body, organism and machinery, and the material and the immaterial. The Posthumanism Team is trying to respond to the challenges presented by rapid technological changes to the existing understanding of what being human means. Taking the critical standpoint against both naive optimism over technological advances and anti-scientific metaphysics, the team seeks to newly conceptualize and theorize the human in terms of three categories ─ human identity, embodiment, and the senses with respect to media ㅡ thus rewriting the modern humanistic understanding of human beings.

Trans-Boundary knowledge

Exploring the Specificity of Korean Humanities and Mapping 21st Century Humanistic Knowledge The Trans-Boundary Knowledge Team focuses on the formation and current state of modern knowledge, particularly on the process of knowledge formation and the unique intellectual identity of East Asia. Major themes of research include the intellectual landscape of modern times in Korea, China, and Japan in the context of East Asia and the restructuring of humanistic knowledge within the global-local paradigm. By marking out discourses of knowledge, carriers of knowledge, and exchanges of knowledge as particular areas of research, the team tries to examine the topography of the past, present, and future of Korean humanities knowledge in multidimensional ways. 

Phase 3

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