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Reflecting on the specificity of Korean humanistic knowledge, the future of humanity, and posthuman conditions

The EIH is leading the theorization and globalization of Trans-Humanities with its focus on posthumanism and trans-boundary knowledge.

The EIH has worked on the Humanities Korea (HK) Project under the heading “Trans-Humanities: Reimagining and Reconstructing the Human Sciences” supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea since 2007. In the first phase of the project, we conducted research on transcultural experiences to ascertain the potential of Trans-Humanities. In the second phase, we sought to systemize the methodologies for studying transcultural phenomena and glocal knowledge. Currently, in the third phase of the HK Project, our research is focused on posthumanism and the trans-boundary knowledge with the aim of devising a new paradigm for humanities research on human beings and knowledge.

Phase 01: Examining Paradigms of Humanities Research and Developing Trans-Humanities Knowledge
- to investigate transcultural experiences and construct a model for Trans-Humanities
- to research glocality, gender, and multimedia

Phase 02: Making Trans-Humanities Systematic and Practical
- to systemize the methodologies of Trans-Humanities
- to research cultural exchanges and hybridity, posthumanism and the human, and trans-boundary imagination and restructuring of humanistic knowledge

Phase 03: New Possibilities of the Korean Humanities: EIH as a Global Hub for Trans-Humanities
- to produce new humanistic knowledge
- to create a new paradigm for understanding human beings and knowledge in the 21st century
Research Team 1: Posthumanism
Research Team 2: Trans-Boundary Knowledge

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