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EIH has opened and operated undergraduate liberal arts courses since the first semester of 2009 in order to link the academic research results of the trans-humanities with the education in the university. By developing and operating courses that utilize the academic characteristics of the institute, EIH spreads the research results of the trans-humanities within the school and contributes to the diversification of the subjects and education in humanities. Among them, "Reading the World via Humanities" is a series of lectures taught by EIH affiliated professors who majored in literature, philosophy, history, art, women's studies, social sciences, etc,. In particular, in 2013, a core curriculum was installed in conjunction with the liberal arts education center through reorganization of the liberal arts curriculum. In addition to the existing general liberal arts courses, EIH has developed and operated 13 core liberal arts courses and three general liberal arts courses in Literature and Language, Art and Expression, History and Philosophy, Human and Society, Science and Technology, and more. EIH plans to continue to develop more curriculum for the diversification of subjects and the spread of humanities. By letting students experience the way of human thinking and the power of imagination, EIH encourages humanistic reflection on the current era and contributes to the social spread of academic achievements.

Literature and Language

Understanding Culture in East Asian Literature

Travel Writing and World Insight 

Genre Fiction in The Age of Multi-Media

Reading Modern Poetry with Culture 

Understanding of Science Fiction 

Ecology and Literature

History of Love through literature

Nature & Literature

History and Philosophy

Korean History through Great Figures

Metaphors in Philosophy

Cultural Heritage of Korea & History Tour

The Human and Society

Visual Image and Gender

Science and Technology

Learning Philosophy through SF Films

Artificial Intelligence and Human Being

Art and Expression

The Arts and Human of 21th Century

Artist and Cultural Epoch (époque)

Free Electives

Looking into the world from the perspective of humanities

K-MOOC:Introduction to the Posthuman Studies


Technoculture & Gender on Screen

Undergraduate Courses

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