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Ecology-Technology Criticism: Practice of Eco-Techne Humanities

A Key Research Institute project in progress since September 2018

The Ewha Institute for the Humanities was selected for the Key Research Institute Project supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea in 2018, and has been carrying out a six-year long research project called "Ecology-Technology Criticism: Practice of Eco-Techne Humanities'' since September 2018. As a novel humanities study requested in the 'ecology-technology continuum' environment, this study aims to form a discourse on 'ecology-technology criticism'. Ecology-technology criticism refers to the cross and synthesis of ecocriticism, which considers organisms in relation to the environment, and technology criticism (technocriticism), which examines changes in technology as a result of practice by humans and society.

Therefore, this study conducts ecology-technology criticism to diagnose a dual crisis in which there is a qualitative change in the relationship humans have with ecology and technology and to respond to the posthuman era. Through this ecocriticism, on the one hand, we would like to duly evaluate the performance and significance of existing ecological and technological criticism, while overcoming the limitations of their individual perspectives. These two lenses of ecology and technology will give a three-dimensional effect to the study of humanity, knowledge, and life. Ultimately, this study seeks the concept of an ecology-technology continuum to capture the convergence of ecology and technology, and aims at the humanistic practice of inventing the newly required subjective method and lifestyle.

Key Research Institute Project

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