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  • Name Ae-Ryung Kim
    Position Associate Professor
    Research Contemporary Western Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, Posthumanism
    Office Jin Rm. 314
    Tel 02-3277-6758
    E-Mail aeryung@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Chan-Woong Lee
    Position Assistant Professor
    Research Contemporary French philosophy, Philosophy on films, Contemporary aesthetics, Image and media
    Office Jin Rm. 308
    Tel 02-3277-6745
    E-Mail woong@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Hyesook Jeon
    Position Assistant Professor
    Research Digital aesthetic, Post-human and art, New media art and virtual space
    Office Jin Rm. 309
    Tel 02-3277-6738
    E-Mail hsj1230@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Hyundeuk Cheon
    Position Assistant Professor
    Research Philosophy of Science and Technology, Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Neuroethics
    Office Jin Rm. 304
    Tel 02-3277-6847
    E-Mail hdcheon@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Jinhee Kim
    Position Associate Professor
    Research Gender issues in Modern Korean literature under the Japanese colonization, Post-colonialism
    Office Jin Rm. 301
    Tel 02-3277-6750
    E-Mail jin_heekim@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Kyungmi Kim
    Position Associate Professor
    Research Gender, Writing history of marginalized women on sexual hierarchy, Narrative research
    Office Jin Rm. 307
    Tel 02-3277-6743
    E-Mail light60@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Sangkyu Shin
    Position Associate Professor
    Research Post-humanism, Extended cognition, Consciousness and Intentionality, Theory of evolution, A.I.
    Office Jin Rm. 313
    Tel 02-3277-6751
    E-Mail skshin@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Soo Ja Kim
    Position Assistant Professor
    Research Korean Nationalism, Korean Modern Politics, History of Korean Thoughts, Locality
    Office Jin Rm. 312
    Tel 02-3277-6756
    E-Mail soo21@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Suan Lee
    Position Associate Professor
    Research Gender culture theory, Sociology of culture, Body and sexuality, Migrant women
    Office Jin Rm. 303
    Tel 02-3277-6757
    E-Mail suan@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Sun Kyung Jung
    Position Assistant Professor
    Research Chinese novels and culture, Comparative Literature Between Korea and China, Theory of Knowledge
    Office Jin Rm. 314
    Tel 02-3277-6740
    E-Mail jungsunkyung@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Tae-Hyeon Song
    Position Assistant Professor
    Research Glocality, Cultural exchange between East and West, Theory of imagination, Cultural research, Myth
    Office Jin Rm. 205
    Tel 02-3277-6763
    E-Mail solte@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Yeon-Soo Kim
    Position Assistant Professor
    Research Inter-culture, Trans-culture, Cultural translation, World image
    Office Jin Rm. 315
    Tel 02-3277-6746
    E-Mail tamen@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Youn-ho Oh
    Position Assistant Professor
    Research Post-humanism, Post-colonialistic narrative, Trans-national literature
    Office Jin Rm. 302
    Tel 02-3277-6759
    E-Mail fictus@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Jung Lee
    Position Associate Professor
    Research History of Colonial Science and Technology, Cross-Cultural Exchanges of Knowledge
    Office Jin Rm. 209
    Tel 02-3277-6735
    E-Mail leejung@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Stefan Lorenz Sorgner
    Position Research Fellow; Professor of Philosophy at John Cabot University, Rome
    Research Posthumanism
    Office http://www.sorgner.de/


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