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Welcome to Ewha Womans University Natural History Museum

The museum was founded on November 20, 1969, as the first natural history museum in Korea and has since been committed to providing educational programs on nature for students and the general public. The museum is devoted to not only doing pure research in natural history but also collecting, preserving, exhibiting, and researching various specimens of animals, plants, insects, minerals, rocks, and fossils. Our special collections include the specimens of Korean natural monuments, internationally protected birds, and species that are endemic, rare, or new. The invaluable specimens, used in natural history research, are preserved in state-of-the-art storage equipped with temperature and humidity control system. The museum’s total number of holding specimens is 5,057 species and 202,903 items. The museum also continues to take the lead in applying information technology to the museum database by developing Cyber Natural History Museum and a web-based content Korean Natural Monument and Endangered/Preserved Species.

During your visit to the museum, you will enjoy a dynamic experience of nature at the Permanent Exhibition Hall showing various specimens of animals, plants, insects, minerals, rocks, and fossils; the Diorama Hall exhibiting the actual ecosystem; the Ecology Corner displaying live animals; and the Video Theater, equipped with the latest technology, showing vivid films on nature.
The annual Special Exhibition is another exciting experience the museum offers. A total of twelve exhibitions had been held, and each exhibition intensively touched on the specific areas in the field of natural history. The museum also offers diverse educational activities for students: Natural History Classes, Special Lectures, Scientific Experiments, and Explorations.
We greatly appreciate your continuing interest in the museum. We sincerely hope that you make the most out of your visit to the museum because the museum brings nature closer to you. Thank you.