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Exhibition Title : Geometry in Nature
Exhibition Dates : 2014. 2. 17 – 2014. 11. 22

  • Introduction
    From large rocks, live animals and plants even to universe including the Earth, the nature contains all these forms. The special shapes are not only observed from the places seen but also from the places that are not seen in the eyes.

    Furthermore, a way to catch how the life reveals astonishing mysteries of nature is to understand the shape and properties of it with the nature. Therefore, when natural science (exploring the nature) meets geometry (studying the form and space) more things can be seen.

    Special exhibition is purposed for people to think about the shapes and characteristics of common life forms, those easily passed by without any thoughts. Through this exhibition, we want to see the shape and form of nature in a new light and think in geometric perspective to understand diverse and complicated nature.

    How can the shape and form of nature be recognized through geometry?
    Hopefully, this exhibition will be a chance for you to feel the beauty and wonder of nature in the perspective of both science and mathematics.

    Linked Program “Hands on!”
    A program to experience the exhibition in many different ways and more thoroughly understand the exhibition. Refer to [Education-Education registration information] [교육 – 교육안내접수] on the website for education schedule and registration information

    Explanatory Program
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