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About Trans-Humanities

"Trans-Humanities" is an academic journal aimed to open a new horizon for humanities and has been published by the Ewha Institute for the Humanities since 2007. It is a comprehensive journal for convergent research based on humanities and produces humanities criticism and alternative discourse for the rapidly changing politics, society, cultural reality, high-tech environment, and ecological crisis in the 21st century. This journal has the status of being one of the few academic journals in Korea with interdisciplinary complex studies centered on humanities.


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Academic Goals of Trans-Humanities

Trans-Humanities aims to expand the targeted area of humanities to cultural and social phenomena, to provide a forum for discourse to promote communication and convergence among various divisions of humanities, and to promote trans-humanistic communication and convergence between academic areas such as social sciences, natural sciences, and arts.

Orientation of Trans-Humanities

1. An interdisciplinary convergence based on humanities, which is a study on humanities and social sciences, humanities and technology science, humanities and ecology, humanities and art/media, history and philosophy, philosophy and literature, literature and history, etc

2. Humanities study on cultural and social trans-humanistic phenomena in 21st century environment

3. Research with practical implications such as the resolution of boundaries that lead to confrontation and conflict

4. Attempts to go beyond the boundaries of vision or approach in a particular field of expertise, etc,.


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