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The Future of the Homo Sapiens: The Posthuman and Transhumanism님의 사진입니다.
Title The Future of the Homo Sapiens: The Posthuman and Transhumanism
Author Sangkyu Shin
Publisher Acanet
Date 2014
Series Posthuman Studies Series_1
"The Future of the Homo Sapiens" maintains a critical view on the extreme dichotomy between the blind trust in science and technological development and the anti-scientific strain of metaphysical philosophy. As such, it marks the first publication in the Posthuman Studies Series aimed at discovering new areas in humanities that can be discussed in an effort to keep up with the changes in science and technology. It looks into the changes in human nature and the challenges it faces due to science and technology, and examines the effects this can have on our understanding of humanity. It also examines the ethical issues that arise from this change, and explores various ways to approach the issue.

[Posthuman Studies Series]
The Posthumanism Research Team at EIH understands the significance of the rapidly changing nature of technology and the ways it impacts human understanding. It therefore maintains a critical viewpoint on both the unchecked optimism over developments in science and technology, and anti-scientific metaphysics. For the Posthumanism Research Team, the goal is to increasingly blur the academic boundaries between philosophy, cultural sociology, art history, and the history of media and technology. Such interdisciplinary efforts are part of the Society's larger aim to seek a paradigm in humanities that better suits the conditions of a new mankind. The Posthuman Studies Series reflect the research achievements of the Society in their topics of expertise which range from "subjectivity as a process," "biotechnology and the physicality of the posthuman," "digital media and Homo Sentiens (the emotional species)," and "in-between beings and polyphonic subjectivity."

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