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A New Search for the 19th-Century History of the Novels님의 사진입니다.
Title A New Search for the 19th-Century History of the Novels
Author Kyungmi Kim
Publisher Bogosa
Date 2011
Series 13
Taking the novels of the 19th-century written in Chinese characters as its subjects, his book reveals the new knowledge that these novels searched for, that is the issues that these novels were interested in were knowledge, ideology, and sexuality. This book is largely divided into two parts, with the first part covering the developmental patterns of the Chinese character novels within the landscape of 19th-century novel history and presents the world-view, writers, and new pursuit of Chinese character novels. The later part focuses on individual works and examines the combining of knowledge and the novel, the relationship between gender discourses and the novel, and the new search for ideology. This book concretely shows how the search for knowledge formation, gender discourse, and thoughts progressed in the 19th century, which was when Korean modernity was formed. Author: Kyungmi Kim (HK Professor, Ewha Institute for the Humanities) PhD : Korean Literature from Ewha Womans University Major Research : Radical Imagination of Gender in Chosun Dynasty in Banghannimjeon, The characteristics and the significance of classical women`s Literature as a minority Literature, Sino-Korean Literature and Sexuality: Study on Discourses and Representations of Sexuality in the Novels of the 18th and 19th Chosun Dynasty Research Interests : Gender, Writing history of marginalized women on sexual hierarchy, Narrative research



19세기 소설사의 구도와 한문소설의 전개
19세기 한문소설의 새로운 국면
조선후기 한문소설의 이론적 대화 양상과 그 의미
19세기 한문장편소설의 이념적 요소에 대한 해석과 새로운 모색 - <옥수기>를 중심으로
성 표현 관습의 변화
음사소설의 수용과 19세기 한문소설의 변화 - <금병매>를 중심으로
조선후기 성 담론과 한문소설에 재현된 섹슈얼리티
서울의 유교적 공간 해체와 섹슈얼리티의 공간화
부록: 국가적 위기의식의 반영 - <남홍량전>을 중심으로

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