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The Collection of Research Studies on Chinese Classic Novels and Plays님의 사진입니다.
Title The Collection of Research Studies on Chinese Classic Novels and Plays
Author Sun Kyung Jung et al.
Publisher Hakgobang
Date 2011.12.22
Series EIH Books_15
This publication was released as part of a research project led by the National Research Foundation of Korea to “Organize and Annotate the Woodblock Prints of Chinese Classic Novels and Plays (2010-2013).” This project was designed to gather all related research to provide more information to scholars before they put together the novels and plays that drifted into Korea through history. Most research was conducted by Korean scholars but the publication also features research by Chinese scholars published in Korean journals and research in comparative literature based on Chinese and Korean literature. Author: Sun-kyung Jung, et al. - Research area: Chinese Novels and Culture, Comparative Literature Between Korea and China, Theory of Knowledge - Articles: “A Study on Yang Kun-Sik’s Translation and Acceptance of Chinese Classic Novels in Modern Times”, “A Study on the Translation of Romance of The Three Kingdoms Published Serially on Mae-il Daily Newspaper” - Books: Understanding Chinese Literary Classics(co-authored)



제1부 國內 中國古典小說ㆍ戱曲ㆍ彈詞와 鼓詞 硏究 槪況

제1장 中國古典小說의 硏究 槪況

1. 硏究의 歷史와 成果

1) 연구의 역사

2) 연구의 성과

2. 硏究論著로 살펴본 硏究 成果

1) 시대별 연구 성과

2) 장르별 연구 성과

제2장 中國古典劇 硏究 現況 및 成果

1. 들어가며

2. 中國古典劇 硏究의 歷史와 傾向

3. 中國古典劇 硏究의 現況 및 成果 分析

1) 시기별 연구 성과

2) 장르별 연구 성과

4. 나가며

제3장 中國 彈詞와 鼓詞의 硏究 槪況

1. 연구의 역사

2. 彈詞 연구

3. 鼓詞 연구

제2부 中國古典小說 硏究 論著 目錄

제1장 단행본

제2장 연구 논문

제3장 비교문학 연구 논저 목록

제4장 저자별 연구논저 목록

제3부 中國古典戱曲, 彈詞, 鼓詞 연구 논저 목록

제1장 단행본

제2장 연구 논문

1) 희곡의 형성(先秦~唐代)

2) 宋金元代

3) 明淸代

4) 총론

5) 彈詞ㆍ鼓詞

제3장 중국고전희곡 비교문학 연구 논저 목록

제4장 중국고전희곡 저자별 연구 논저 목록


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