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The Sacred Land or Warzones of Jerusalem: Between Religions님의 사진입니다.
Title The Sacred Land or Warzones of Jerusalem: Between Religions
Author Ok Soong Cha
Publisher Greenbee
Date 2014
Series Sa-i Series_10

Jerusalem served as a holy ground to all 3 major religions including Judaism, Orthodox Christianity, and Islam. However, conflicts surrounding this land has unfortunately rendered Jerusalem a battlefield. This book deals mainly with the conflicts on the Gaza Strip and the religious source of these conflicts will also be examined. After identifying the cause of the continued conflict over the Palestinian land, the author seeks to find ways to alleviate the problem. Author: Ok Soong Cha - Research area: Science of Religion - Articles: “The Violent War of Female Victims: On Memories from Okinawa.” “In Search for the Possibility of Communication Between Man and Nature: A Study in McFague and Haewol.” Books: The Religious Experience of Koreans: Mugyo, The Religious Experience of Koreans: Cheondoism and Daejongism.

[Sa-i Series]

The Sa-i (in between) Series describe and discover new existences and thoughts produced 'in between' or at the boundaries, and are designed for general public reading and as liberal-arts reference books for undergraduate students. Under the titles as In Between the Other and Us, or In Between the Text and the Image, around 5 books will be continuously published every year by the Greenbee Press. This series hopes to develop and share trans-humanities themes' consciousness and contribute in spreading trans-humanities to the general public.


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