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Encounter of Chinese Novels and Knowledge님의 사진입니다.
Title Encounter of Chinese Novels and Knowledge
Author Sun Kyung Jung
Publisher Somyeong
Date 2017
Series Humanistic Knowledge_4

This publication focuses on the inter dynamics of the changes in the field of literature of the modern transitional period and the knowledge system observed through Chinese novels when they are met with knowledge. Its purpose lies in repainting the map of intellectual experiences within the socio-cultural mechanism by noticing the particularities of novels, which were constantly denigrated throughout traditional period in the history of Chinese literature and elevated as the best genre of literature in the modern transitional period. This publication leaves open the possibilities of the intersection and the consilience of the old and new, by keeping in mind the critical succession of the traditional. It does not just capture knowledge and novels in isolation, but it is insightful by capturing the points of dilution within the field of literature, and by finding out how they are differentiated and connected from pre-modern to the modern transitional period. The book is divided into three parts. In the first part, it deals with the problem of changes of status in the traditional and changes point of view through historical exploration of the discourse of novels. In Part 2, it deals with the ways to read novels through the frame of knowledge in the changing field of literature. Part 3 focuses on the modern problems of translating novels and East Asia as the cause of formation of knowledge.

[Humanistic Knowledge Series]

The Trans-Humanities Research Team at EIH is keenly aware of the rapid exchange and interplay of different cultural texts and the subsequent production of new forms of knowledge in the globalized era. Within this entirely new frame of knowledge production, the Trans-Humanities Research Team studies the Korean identity within its own understanding of humanistic knowledge and the future that lies ahead. This mainly involves a critical review of the humanities during the modern era and the search for a new discourse for Korea's own knowledge in humanities. The Humanistic Knowledge Series illustrate the research efforts of the Trans-Humanities Research Team and its wide-ranging scope of interests which include "The Trans-Boundary Intersection of Korea/China/Japan and the Identity of Korean Humanistic Knowledge," "The Plurality of World Literature and Culture," "Comparative Translation Studies and the Theorizing of Texts in Trans-Humanities" and "Trans-Humanities and the Paradigm of Korean Humanities."

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