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Youn-ho Oh님의 사진입니다.
Name Youn-ho Oh
Title Associate Professor
Research Post-humanism, Post-colonialistic narrative, Trans-national literature
Office/Affiliation Jin Rm. 302
E-Mail fictus@ewha.ac.kr
* Major Research(Papers &Books)

"Trans-boundary Subjects and Cultural Hybridity Strategies -Centering on Diaspora Novels". COMPARATIVE LITERATURE(Vol. 55, 81-108), 2011.

10"The Diaspora's other-identities Defecting from North Korea and the Tragedy of Capitalist Environment". LITERATURE AND ENVIRONMENT(Vol. 10, No. 1, 235-258), 2011.06

"Representing the Other in Mass Media: Focusing on Current TV Programs and Modern Novels about Migrants". HUMANITIES BEYOND BORDERS(vol3 no3, pp.85-119), 2010.10

"The Madness of Motherhood and the Diaspora of Daughters". COMPARATIVE LITERATURE(Vol. 51, 67-90), 2010.06"The Characterization about Foreign Disporas and the other-discourse in our Society". MODERN LITERATURE THEORY(Vol. 40, 241-262), 2010.03

"The Hwa-Du and The 20th Colony Intellectual's De-ideology Resistance". KOREAN LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE IN INTERNATIONAL CONTEXT(Vol. 46, 69-94), 2009. 08

"The Man`s Desire about a "Spoiled Womb" and The Other-Identity". THE JOURNAL OF KOREAN FICTION RESEARCH(Vol. 41, 187-215), 2009.08

"Plot of Diaspora". POETICS &LINGUISTICS(Vol. 17, 231-249), 2009.08

"A Study on The Fantasy-Representing through Narrative-Device and The Desire of The Trans-embodiment". THE REVIEW OF KOREAN CULTURAL STUDIES(Vol. 29, 303-329), 2009. 05


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