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Kyungmi Kim님의 사진입니다.
Name Kyungmi Kim
Title Associate Professor
Research Gender, Writing history of marginalized women on sexual hierarchy, Narrative research
Office/Affiliation Jin Rm. 307
E-Mail light60@ewha.ac.kr
* Major Research(Papers &Books)

"A Special Issue: Sino-Korean Literature and Sexuality : Study on Discourses and Representations of Sexuality in the Novels of the 18th and 19th Chosun Dynasty". Korean Literature in Classical Chinese?(Vol. 42, 127-153). 2008.

"Supply and Development of Yolnyojun(列女傳)". The Korean Cultural Studies(Vol. 13, 51-82). 2007.

"The Acceptance of Jujagarai(朱子家禮) and the Aspects of Marriages of the 17th Century - the focus on chinyoung(親迎)". The study of the Eastern Classic(Vol. 25, 261-292). 2006.

"Sohyunseja’s experiences of foreign country and acceptance of new culture". The Korean Cultural Studies(Vol. 10, 133-167). 2006.

"The characteristic aspects of noble women`s writing in the 18th century and its meaning". Korean Classical Woman Literature Studies(Vol. 11, 5-50). 2005.

"The Case of Mrs. Song = Patriarchical Project in the 17th Century". Korean Classical Woman Literature Studies(Vol. 8, 153-177). 2004.

"Focussing on the change in ideological aspects and its new tendency : Study on ". The Research of Old Korean Novel(Vol. 17, 275-298). 2004.


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