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  • Name Ae-Ryung Kim
    Title Professor
    Research Contemporary Western Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, Posthumanism
    Office/Affiliation Jin Rm. 314
    E-Mail aeryung@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Chan-Woong Lee
    Title Associate Professor
    Research Contemporary French philosophy, Philosophy of Film, Contemporary Aesthetics
    Office/Affiliation Jin Rm. 308
    E-Mail woong@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Hyesook Jeon
    Title Associate Professor
    Research Digital aesthetic, Post-human and art, New media art and virtual space
    Office/Affiliation Jin Rm. 309
    E-Mail hsj1230@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Jinhee Kim
    Title Professor
    Research Gender issues in Modern Korean literature under the Japanese colonization, Post-colonialism
    Office/Affiliation Jin Rm. 301
    E-Mail jin_heekim@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Jung Lee
    Title Assistant Professor
    Research History of Colonial Science and Technology, Cross-Cultural Exchanges of Knowledge
    Office/Affiliation Jin Rm. 209
    E-Mail leejung@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Kyungmi Kim
    Title Associate Professor
    Research Gender, Writing history of marginalized women on sexual hierarchy, Narrative research
    Office/Affiliation Jin Rm. 307
    E-Mail light60@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Sangkyu Shin
    Title Associate Professor
    Research Post-humanism, Extended cognition, Consciousness and Intentionality, Theory of evolution, A.I.
    Office/Affiliation Jin Rm. 313
    E-Mail skshin@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Soo Ja Kim
    Title Associate Professor
    Research Korean Nationalism, Korean Modern Politics, History of Korean Thoughts, Locality
    Office/Affiliation Jin Rm. 312
    E-Mail soo21@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Suan Lee
    Title Associate Professor
    Research Gender culture theory, Sociology of culture, Body and sexuality, Migrant women
    Office/Affiliation Jin Rm. 303
    E-Mail suan@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Tae-Hyeon Song
    Title Associate Professor
    Research Glocality, Cultural exchange between East and West, Theory of imagination, Cultural research, Myth
    Office/Affiliation Jin Rm. 205
    E-Mail solte@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Youn-ho Oh
    Title Associate Professor
    Research Post-humanism, Post-colonialistic narrative, Trans-national literature
    Office/Affiliation Jin Rm. 302
    E-Mail fictus@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Byeongjin Kim
    Title Research Professor
    Research Modern Japanese Ideology, East Asian History of Science and Technology
    Office/Affiliation Jin Rm. 405
    E-Mail rebelsaru@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Eunjoo Park
    Title Research Professor
    Research Philosophy of Education, Educational Ideaology, Posthuman Education
    Office/Affiliation Jin Rm. 405
    E-Mail eduzoo@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Eunju Song
    Title Research Professor
    Research English Literature, Posthumanism, Ecological Criticism, Anthropocene
    Office/Affiliation Jin Rm. 406
    E-Mail eunjsong@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Hyun Joo Lee
    Title Research Professor
    Research Performance research, performance theory, and modern English drama
    Office/Affiliation Jin Rm. 406
    E-Mail hjl228@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Hyundeuk Cheon
    Title Collaborating Researcher
    Research Science and technology philosophy, cognitive science/artificial intelligence philosophy
    Office/Affiliation Department of Philosophy, Seoul National University
    E-Mail hdcheon@snu.ac.kr
  • Name Sun Kyung Jung
    Title Collaborating Researcher
    Research Chinese novels and culture, comparative literature between Korea and China, knowledge theory
    Office/Affiliation Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Ewha Womans University
    E-Mail jungsunkyung@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Kyung Ran Rhee
    Title Visiting Researcher
    Office/Affiliation EIH
    E-Mail krlee@ewha.ac.kr
  • Name Stefan Lorenz Sorgner
    Title Research Fellow
    Research Posthumanism
    Office/Affiliation John Cabot University, Rome
  • Name Min-Ryung Park
    Title Research Staff
    Office/Affiliation Jin Rm. 207
  • Name Cynthia Kraus
    Title Visiting Researcher
    Research STS, Gender, body and sexuality studies, Race and decolonial studies, Global history of sexology and medicine, Neuroscience, Intersex, Transness, Genital modifications, Cosmetic surgery
    Office/Affiliation STS Lab, Institute of social sciences, Faculty of social and political sciences, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
    E-Mail cynthia.kraus@unil.ch


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