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Ewha Institute for the Humanities is a multidisciplinary and convergent research institute where researchers of literature, history, philosophy, art, science, and technology gather together. Rooted in the tradition of research on humanities at Ewha Womans University, the Ewha Institute for the Humanities successfully carried out the Humanities Korea (HK) support project of the Korea Research Foundation under the theme of “Trans-Humanities” since its establishment in 2007 for research on humanities in response to rapid changes in technology, knowledge, and ecology. We are confident that the posthuman research and East Asian knowledge research led in this process are not only a representative result of the Ewha Institute for the Humanities' multidisciplinary and convergent research, but also an important research achievement that has opened a new horizon in Korean humanities research. 

Now, the Ewha Institute for the Humanities hopes to build an eco-techne humanities research that dismantles the dualistic paradigm on ecology, technology, civilization, and nature while looking deeply at the coming crisis of all life beyond the human. The “Ecology-Technology Criticism: Practice of Eco-Techne Humanities”, a Key Research Institute project supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea, is one of its attempts. In addition, we strive to become a practice space for eco-techne humanities research that encourages experimental and autonomous research through the operation of small laboratories and suggests solutions to problems of life raised in today's society. We kindly ask for your interest and support in the future research of Ewha Institute for the Humanities.

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