Visitor Guide

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  • Open : Monday ― Saturday
  • Hours : 9:30 ― 17:00
  • Closed : Holidays & School Anniversary
  • Admission : Free



  • Food and Drinks are prohibited in the exhibition lounge and the souvenir shop. Please use the visitor lounge.
  • Inside the exhibition lounge, video recording is prohibited. Only photography is allowed.
  • The number of visitors is limited up to 50 people at a time to assure the best viewing of the exhibitions
  • Please be guided by the staff at the center prior to your visit to our campus.
  • Group Reservations in advance will provide you with rich information on the Welcome Center and etc.
  • When planning your visit to other school facilities, please contact each organization for more information.
  • Group leaders are responsible for the behavior of their groups at all times.
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Centennial Museum


Natural History Museum


Ewha Archives


School Cafeteria

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