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2013년 국내 대학 최초로 문을 연 종합 방문자 센터, 이화웰컴센터입니다.

The Ewha Welcome Center is the first global university information center nationwide, starting from 2013.
The center consists of an information desk, an exhibition lounge, a visitor lounge, and a souvenir shop.

The Information Desk at the Ewha Welcome Center offers campus maps to assist visitors to get useful information about campus tours and the school in general. In the Exhibition Lounge, exhibitions about the past and present Ewha are displayed throughout the year. Visitors can experience Ewha through the History Gallery, which exhibits Ewha’s symbol and spirit as the representative institute of women’s education in Korea, Ewha Inside, which presents the school information through touch screens, and Ewha Videos, which introduce the school through various media contents. In the Visitor Lounge, there are tables and chairs provided for visitors to have drinks and take a rest. Those who want to take a part of Ewha with themselves back home can also visit the Souvenir Shop.

Furthermore, visitors can participate in a range of Campus Tour Programs for a memorable experience at Ewha.

Ewha Welcome Center is open to everyone – prospective students of all ages, faculty members, alumnae, Ewha students, and visitors worldwide.