Tour Confirmation

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Before making a tour request, please note

1. Requests can be made from two months ahead of your visit, and must be submitted at least three days prior to your preferred date.
2. Cancellation or modification of your request should be done at least three days before your day of visit.
    (Please make sure that being absent without any notice can bring you disadvantage in the future.)
3. Groups larger than fifty will be asked to split into smaller groups.
4. On Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays (including the midterm and final period), all the tours are unavailable.
5. During May and November, only themed tours are available instead of Welcome Tour.
6. According to the university's schedule there might not be tours available on certain days. There will be prior notice for modifications in

Tour Request Review

To review, modify, and cancel your reserved tour request, please log in with your 'name,' 'e-mail,' and 'password‘ that you have used to make the reservation.


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