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Cooperation Agreement for Ewha Campus Tour

"Ewha Womans University is an institution for higher learning with more than 25,000 students on campus. To ensure better education environment for students and to guarantee pedestrians safety, Ewha Womans University permits only those visitors who have been well-informed of the guidelines through Ewha Welcome Center."

Ewha Womans University serves many different tour programs for our alumna, families, and visitors from all over the world. To make the best out of your stay at Ewha, find the right tour program for your purpose of visit and choose the language you prefer at our homepage. We sincerely ask of your cooperation for safe and valuable experience. Please read the responsibilities and guidelines and share with your group prior to your visit.

  • Please keep your voices respectfully low, and refrain from behaviors that can hinder academic atmosphere. Group leaders are responsible for the behavior of their groups at all times.
  • Flash photography and video recording are only allowed at certain areas on campus.
  • Visitors who have not made a reservation beforehand must also be well-informed of the guidelines provided by the Welcome Center before going into the campus. For those who have not followed the guidelines and showed disrespectful behaviors to the research and education environment will not be able to make other tour reservations at Ewha Womans University.
  • Self-Tours are available only after learning the guidelines and responsibilities of visitors at Ewha Welcome Center. Please stay within the area designated for visitors and respect the academic environment.

    I have read, understood, and will adhere to the cooperation agreement for visitors' provided by Ewha Womans University.