How to take the bus

Check the bus route and bus number at the bus stop

Every bus stop shows the route and list of bus numbers. Buses usually operate every 5-15 minutes, although with some differences according to the route. Some bus stops are equipped with electronic displays of arrival time of each bus.


You can pay with cash upon boarding the bus, but you cannot use 5,000KRW and 10,000KRW bill for city buses.
If you do not have a transportation card (T-Money), you must either prepare coins or 1,000KRW bills. If you have a transportation card, you need to tag your T-Money card on the reader upon entering the bus and before leaving the bus by the back door.
T-Money card purchase: Available in all convenient stores (Pay with cash only)

When getting off the bus

Those who are using a transportation card (T-Money), you need to tag your card before getting off the bus by the back door in the same way you got on the bus. By scanning your T-money card on the reader by the back door, you will be able to transfer to another bus at no extra charge (within 30 minutes) or at a lower fare on the subway. No-charge transfers are not possible if you’ve paid with cash.

City Bus Fare (as of Dec. 2015)

Bus Type Bus Fare
Blue/Green Bus 1,300KRW(1,200KRW)
Red Bus 2,400KRW(2,300KRW)

※ The bus fare in the parentheses is the discounted fare for payment with a transportation card.
※ When using a transportation card, you will be able to transfer to another bus at no extra charge.
Additional 100KRW will be charged for every 5km after exceeding the first 10km.
You can transfer up to 5 times for free. You have to make sure to transfer within 30 minutes of scanning your transportation card on the reader.

How to take the metro

Buying tickets

A single journey ticket can be purchased from the ticket vending machine at every station. Pre-paid transportation card can be pre-charged and used until the charged amount is all expended. You can then recharge the card.

How to use the ticket vending machine 

Purchasing a single journey ticket Charging your T-money transportation card
  1. Select Single Journey Ticket option.
  2. Search and find your destination.
  3. Insert cash
  4. Take your single journey ticket and the change.
  1. Place your T-money card on the machine.
  2. Select the amount you want to charge.
  3. Insert cash.
  4. After charging is completed, check the monitor for the amount in your card.

※ If you use the transportation card, you will save 100KRW for every journey.

Subway Fare Information

  • Basic Fare: 1,250KRW (First 10km)
  • Additional Fare :
    - Between 10km and 50km : Additional 100won per 5km
    - Over 50km : Additional 100 won per 8km
  • Transfer between metro and bus:
    When passengers transfer from a subway to a bus or a local bus, the transit fare is computed according to the combined distance scale rate system in which all sections or zones that have been traversed are added together. (Instead of paying a separate fare upon transferring, passengers are charged an extra fare for the additional distance they have traveled beyond their fare zone.)
  • The fee you pay with a transportation card is the basic fare. A single journey ticket will charge you an extra 100KRW.
  • For single journey tickets, you must pay a deposit of 500KRW, which you get back when you return the card at your destination to the deposit refund machine.
  • The Prepaid Commuters’ Ticket is a ticket that can be used up to 60 times within 30 days after purchase.

How to take a taxi

Taking a taxi in Seoul is quite convenient as you can pay the taxi fare with a credit card or a T-money card in most cases. International taxis are also available for passengers who need language translation services.

Types of taxis and their features

  • Common Taxi
    Common taxis can be categorized into standard(regular) taxis and deluxe taxis. Deluxe taxis, called Mobeom Taeksi in Korean, offer slightly more passenger space and a higher standard of service than regular taxis. This means that the fare is higher than regular taxis.
Standard(regular) taxis are generally silver and white.
Standard(regular) taxis are generally silver and white.
Haechi Taxis (standard taxis implemented by Seoul City) are orange
Haechi Taxis (standard taxis implemented by Seoul City) are orange
Deluxe Taxis are black with a yellow sign on top.
Deluxe Taxis are black with a yellow sign on top.
  • Jumbo Taxis
    A van taxi that can accommodate up to 8 passengers, convenient for larger groups and bulky luggage.
Jumbo Taxis
Jumbo Taxis
  • International Taxis
    International taxis were officially introduced by Seoul city in May 2009 as an option for tourists. Standard, deluxe and jumbo taxis are available. The International taxi has the following characteristics:
International Taxis
  • The Seoul City entirely supervises over the employment, education process and operation of the call centers.
  • All drivers are required to have passed official foreign language proficiency tests.
  • Incheon International Airport and Gimpo Airport are fully equipped with an exclusive information desk and boarding stops for the service.
  • Low fixed charge from Incheon International Airport to Seoul.
  • The taxi accepts T-Money cards and other credit cards.

The car is marked as International Taxi on the body. Operated on reservation.

Taxi Fare

  • Common Taxi

Division Standard(regular) Taxi Deluxe/Jumbo Taxi
Basic Fare 3,000KRW/2km 5,000KRW/3km
Distance Rate 100KRW of additional fare/144m 200KRW of additional fare /164m
Time Rate 100KRW of additional fare/35 sec 200KRW of additional fare/39 sec
Late-night Fare Midnight~4AM, 20% extra charge None
Intercity Surcharge Applied None

※ 4:00pm to midnight has a 20% extra charge
  • International Taxi
    International Taxis must be booked in advance on the online reservation website. If you take the international taxi from the airport, reservation is not needed. You can just head to the information desk at Incheon International Airport and Gimpo Airport.

    - Online reservation:
    - Phone reservation : Navi Call(1599-8255), K-Taxi(1577-9977), N Call(1688-2255)
    - For more information : 1644-2255 Weekdays (09:00-18:00)/Saturday (09:00-13:00)/Closed on holidays and Sundays
       ※ Reservation is available by prior request. Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance (within office hours).
       ※ Reservation center office hour: Weekdays 09:00-18:00 / Saturday 09:00-13:00 / Closed on holidays and Sundays
    - Information Desk:
       Incheon International Airport:Between arrival gate 8 and gate 9 (1st floor) TEL: 070-7508-2255
       Gimpo Airport:Between gates 1 and 2 of the International Passenger Terminal (1st floor) TEL: 070-7508-2256

Taxi Tips

  • If the taxi has a “T-money” logo, you can pay the fare with a credit card or T-money card.
  • Try to avoid hours when you can’t get a taxi
    Midnight to 1:00AM is the time when it’s difficult to catch a taxi.

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