Short-term Program

- Application Qualification: Students who registered to Short-Term program (corresponding semester) 

- Application Progress: detailed information will be updated on our homepage

> noitce 2 months before semester begins. 

* It's not possible to extend the usage of the dormitory.


2023 Short-term Program Dormitory Schedule

Announcement on the homepage two months before the start of the semester.


※ Dormitory Application is only open for Feb,July and August semesters.

Intensive Program

- Application Qualification: Students who registered to Intensive program (corresponding semester) 

each student can only apply for two consecutive semesters

- Application Progress: Detailed information will be updated on our homepage notice board>notice will be uploaded two months before corresponding semester begins. 

  2023 Intensive Course Dormitory Annual Schedule






 Course Schedule

 03. 08~05.18

06. 08~08. 17

09. 06~11. 20

12. 06~2024. 02. 19

 Placement Test

 03. 03

05. 30

08. 30

11. 29

 Residence Period

 02. 27~05. 19

05. 26~08. 18

08. 28~11. 21

11. 27~2024. 02. 20 


* Please be noted that students cannot check-in on holidays and weekends.

2022 Intensive Program Fall International Dormitory Room Type/Fee

Dorm category

Room Type


Building C



Single Room

2,589,800 won

 Double Room(A)

1,528,300 won

  Double Room(B)

1,586,000 won

Building D

Double Room

1,586,000 won

The above dormitory room type and fee is based on the Summer semester of 2023 and can be changed later.

Dormitory information 

You can get more information on I-House menu in Ewha Dormitory Official Website:

I-House Building C

  • C동(1인실) 화장실
  • C동(1인실)

Building C, Single Room

  • C동
  • C동
  • C동

Building C, Double Room(A)

  • C동
  • C동

Building C, Double Room(B)

I-House Building D

  • D동
  • D동

Building D, Double room

Refund Regulation


Notification date

Refund amount

Cancel to move in

Cancel 3 weeks before the Official Check-In Date

100% Refund

Cancel in the middele of the semester

After move in

Unable to Refund

(But, if you bring a student who can replace you, you can get refund for the amount paid by the person)

Cancel during vacation

After move in

Unable to Refund


  • 1)   If you have not applied or cancel application of ELC Intensive course, the dormitory will be cancelled automatically. (Unable to Refund)

    2)   The room will be randomly assigned in the order of application submission.

    3)   Application will be cancelled if dormitory fee is not paid by the deadline.

    4)   Dormitory check-in is not allowed if there is a problem in chest X-ray diagnosis/COVID-19 test result.

    5)   Dormitory is a communal living space, and there may be various inconveniences, such as noise, differences on personality, age, nationality, and life style with roommate. Also, you are not allowed to move your room after move in, so please consider carefully and apply for the dormitory.

    6)   If there is discrepancy between the Korean text of this guide and the English, Chinese, and Japanese texts, the Korean text shall prevail.

    7)   If a student accumulates 10 or more demerit points or receives expulsion for violating dormitory rules, they must leave the dormitory immediately (no refund for dormitory fees).

  • 8) Inquiry:


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