Guided Tours

Guided tours of the museum’s exhibitions are offered for a wide range of groups, ages and nationalities. The tours are led by our curators or docents who provide information on various related topics to help visitors better appreciate the displays and to acquire a better understanding of art and culture.

  • Guided tours individually designed for related Ewha courses.
  • Guided tours for Ewha students.
  • Guided tours for Ewha faculty and staff.
  • Guided tours for Ewha alumnae.

Cultural Day Program

Every last Wednesday of the month is the government-designated “Cultural Day,” which the museum observes by offering extended opening hours until 7 p.m. and a tour guided by our curators. This opportunity allows in-depth understanding of our exhibitions and an enhanced cultural experience.

Activity Programs

The museum also offers educational activity programs in connection with on-going exhibitions, which comprise a guided tour followed by a workshop to try out various creative artistic techniques and approaches using materials related to the artwork on exhibit. The workshop activity promotes unique and creative artistic expression inspired by traditional relics or modern art, to help participants develop artistic sensibility and gain a better understanding of art and culture.


Exhibition Related Programs

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