1F Permanent Exhibition Hall

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  • Permanent Exhibition Hall2
  • Permanent Exhibition Hall1
  • Permanent Exhibition Hall3
  • Permanent Exhibition Hall5

The museum’s Permanent Exhibition Hall houses various cultural relics including the "White Porcelain Jar with Grapevine in Underglaze Iron," designated as National Treasure No. 107. New exhibitions are featured once a year to display the outstanding range of the museum’s permanent collection.

2F Special Exhibition Hall

  • The Special Exhibition Hall1
  • The Special Exhibition Hall2
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  • The Special Exhibition Hall5

The Special Exhibition Hall was designed for the museum’s special exhibition series, held since 1972. Special exhibitions cover several categories: events shedding new light on the museum’s collection; artwork from ancient to modern times; events focusing on academic research achievements; and events centered on a specific theme. Each special exhibition is held in conjunction with related lectures, symposiums, workshops, and educational programs.

B1 Donated Artifacts Exhibition Hall

  • Donated Artifacts Exhibition Hall2
  • Donated Artifacts Exhibition Hall4
  • Donated Artifacts Exhibition Hall3
  • Donated Artifacts Exhibition Hall1
  • Donated Artifacts Exhibition Hall5

The musuem’s Donated Artifacts Exhibition Hall opened with an aim to preserve and study important cultural donations from private collections, many belonging to Ewha alumnae and local community leaders. The hall serves as venue to semi-annual exhibitions highlighting the contributions of donors as well as the value of the cultural items that sparked their fascination.

B1 The Chang Budeok Memorial Gallery

  • The Chang Budeok Memorial Gallery3
  • The Chang Budeok Memorial Gallery1
  • The Chang Budeok Memorial Gallery2
  • The Chang Budeok Memorial Gallery4
  • The Chang Budeok Memorial Gallery5

The Chang Budeok Memorial Gallery was opened to house a collection donated by Ewha Womans University professor Chang Sookhwan. The collection comprises the inheritance from Prof. Chang’s mother, Chang Budeok (1908~1967), and also Prof. Chang’s own collection, compiled over 40 years. The collection, which includes garments, ornaments, embroidery and various handicrafts including Joseon woodwork, displays the distinctive beauty of traditional Korea arts and crafts.

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