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1.    Track Accreditation Program



1) Culture and Technology (CT) Track: O-Type Track, Advisor: Professor Choi Hye Won (최혜원)

2) Storytelling and Translation (ST) Track: O-Type Track, Advisor: Professor Kang Taekyeong (강태경)

3) Global Literacy (GL) Track: L-Type Track, Advisor: Professor Choi Julie (최주리)

4) Advanced Studies (AS) Track: T-Type Track, Advisor: Professor Park Changkil (박찬길)


*Maximum 2 types can be selected



2.    Track Program Objectives


The track program aims to develop creative individuals with the ability to produce high-value added cultural contents through the convergence of the humanities and technology. 


a. Increase of the humanities’ relevancy through state-of-the-art digital technology knowledge.

b. Supply of high-valued added cultural contents for new technology and business management through refinement of the humanities knowledge.

c. Forming of creative problem solving skills through convergence of the humanities and technology.



3.    Track Student Development


The English Language and Literature Department’s 4 Track Program aims to develop Global, Smart, and Creative individuals.


4.    Track Application Areas (Industry)


a. Digital cultural content development

b. Innovative cultural industry/business development

c. Performance and arts culture design and planning

d. Broadcast, advertising, pictures cultural contents development


5.    Track Main Points


a. Integrated course structure: Students can learn beyond their major’s content and gain interdisciplinary knowledge by taking various courses.

1) Major courses: Students will take a major course related to culture, plays/dramas, and movies along with literature studies.

2) General and other major courses: Students will take various culture and technology related courses that offer background in culture, movies, computer programming, design, media and images through major courses in German, French, Philosophy, Computer, Statistics, Digital Media, Communication Media, Industrial Design, Fashion Design, and Business.


b. Integrated extracurricular activities: Through field activities based on firsthand experience in areas of interest, students will construct and prepare for their future. 

1) Activities will be based on culture and technology such as movies, dramas/plays, performances, programming, design, images, and media.

2) Various activities include university club activities, internships, and overseas experience.



6.    Track Organization


a. Course credit requirements (total 24)

1) English Language and Literature major courses: 12 or more credits

2) Other major courses: 3 or more credits

3) General elective courses: 9 or more credits


b. Extra curricular activities

1) Foreign language ability and overseas activities
2) Technology related certificate or award
3) Related volunteer or club activity
4) Career related activity

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