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Cultural Sociology of Images님의 사진입니다.
Title Cultural Sociology of Images
Author Suan Lee
Publisher Book Korea
Date 2012
Series Research Series_1
"Cultural Sociology of Image" defines the space of contemporary society’s cultural change which is produced centered around images as imagescape and interprets image monad represented in image culture, consumption culture, and mass culture through the theoretical frame of visibility, valuer du signe/sign value, spectatorship, etc. Especially, it shows traditional humanistic knowledge and sociological perspective by minutely transposing them in the process of interpreting, based on the sociological theory of culture, the flow of social consciousness and desire which penetrates the representation of image as the symbol of imagination, a topic which had long been a research topic of humanities. Author: Su-an Lee - Research area: Cultural Sociology, Theories of digital culture, Convergence of senses, Post-gender - Articles: “The Way Body Image is Consumed as a Sign Value in Popular Culture”, “Cafe as a Hybrid Space and Culturescape of the Nomads” - Books: Cultural Sociology of Image


1. 이미지 스케이프
1 이미지
2 시각성과 응시의 시각체제
3 젠더의 탄생, 몸의 현현

2. 문화의 장과 이미지
1 영상문화와 시각 이미지
2 소비문화와 욕망의 이미지
3 대중문화와 기호가치 이미지

3 젠더 이미지 재현의 형상화
1 스크린에 투영된 섹슈얼리티와 욕망
2 몸 담론과 영상 재현
3 광고와 자기감시의 시각체제
4 대중문화 풍경과 젠터 디스플레이

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