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Essais sur la signification au cinema 2님의 사진입니다.
Title Essais sur la signification au cinema 2
Author Christian Metz / (translated by) Soojin Lee
Publisher Moonji Publishing
Date 2011
Series 12
This book is a collection of many theses which the French cinema scholar Christina Metz, who is regarded as the founder of cinematic semiotics, set forth in the process of establishing early cinematic semiotics. Up to the 1960s when discussion on the abstract concepts unique to cinema was not formed in the cinema theory history, other than of cinema history studies, author studies, cultural history studies, and film themes studies, he claimed that the cinema must be analyzed as a separate significant system. As a methodology, he adopted key concepts of structural linguistics and systematically organized how cinema constructed meaning. This book is a must-read to understand the concepts that constituted the foundation of cinematic semiotics. Translator: Soojin Lee - Research area: Post-humanism, Aesthetic Representation, Semiotics - Articles: “Du mythe, l'imaginaire symbolique a la bande dessinee”, “Simulation des sensations : I`animation 3D Beowulf et son spectateur” - Books: Une lecture du film d’Im Kwon-Taek: Le chant de la fidèle Chunhyang


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