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The Stage of the Posthuman님의 사진입니다.
Title The Stage of the Posthuman
Author EIH & LABEX Arts-H2H
Publisher Acanet
Date 2015
Series Posthuman Studies Series_2
The second publication of the Posthuman Studies Series, "The Stage of the Posthuman" is a collection of essays that reflect on today’s ideology and art at a time when the human form is questioned and transfigured. The essays also move beyond present reality and looks to possibilities that lie ahead. In discussing the crisis in the human form, on a holistic level this book encourages the reader to establish a sign within the history of thought, while also encouraging the establishment of a sign within the realms of technology. The death of God, as announced by Nietzsche in the late nineteenth century and Foucault’s declaration of the death of man in mid-twentieth century both refers to the failure of man in the form of God to play a central role in the spheres of thought and art. On the other extreme, advances in genetic engineering and neuroscience that began in the mid-twentieth century, and innovations in brain science and robot engineering towards the late twentieth century have further complicated the boundary between man and machine, and nature and the artificial.

[Posthuman Studies Series]
The Posthumanism Research Team at EIH understands the significance of the rapidly changing nature of technology and the ways it impacts human understanding. It therefore maintains a critical viewpoint on both the unchecked optimism over developments in science and technology, and anti-scientific metaphysics. For the Posthumanism Research Team, the goal is to increasingly blur the academic boundaries between philosophy, cultural sociology, art history, and the history of media and technology. Such interdisciplinary efforts are part of the Society's larger aim to seek a paradigm in humanities that better suits the conditions of a new mankind. The Posthuman Studies Series reflect the research achievements of the Society in their topics of expertise which range from "subjectivity as a process," "biotechnology and the physicality of the posthuman," "digital media and Homo Sentiens (the emotional species)," and "in-between beings and polyphonic subjectivity."


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