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Doing Gender and Imagery of Others님의 사진입니다.
Title Doing Gender and Imagery of Others
Author EIH
Publisher Ewha University Press
Date 2011
Series Trans-Humanities_7

This is a bold attempt to draw on the Other by repositioning the gender discourse of today and ultimately redefine the significance of Otherness. New groups of Others such as elderly women, immigrants, and international marriage migrants are examined from the perspective of “doing gender,” a performative concept put forth by the American philosopher Judith Butler. "Doing Gender and Imagery of Others" calls for an active form of gender identity that steps beyond the subject-other dichotomy, and stresses the need for a feasible and ethical approach to the identities of the aforementioned women.



제1부 젠더 이론과 타자 되기의 전략
‘여자 되기’에서 ‘젠더 하기’로: 버틀러의 보부아르 읽기 _ 김애령

제2부 전근대 타자의 위치와 젠더 정체성
조선 전기 기처棄妻 규제 정책의 영향과 한계 _ 박경
타자의 서사, 타자화의 서사, <홍길동전> _ 김경미
남성의 틈새에서 새어나온 여성의 목소리 _ 강소영
타자의 윤리와 시학詩學: 1930년대 백석 시를 중심으로 _ 김진희

제3부 우리 시대의 타자형상화와 타자 되기의 역설
영화 <화혼畵魂> 속의 ‘타자’, 그 기능과 의의 _ 김영숙
노년은 타자이기만 한 것인가: 여성 노년소설의 노년과 성숙 _ 이경란
외국인 이주자의 형상화와 우리 안의 타자 담론 _ 오윤호
스킨 서핑: 성적 타자로서 결혼 이주여성 이미지 _ 이수안

[Trans-Humanities Series]

"Trans-Humanities" is the study of the relationship between human beings in trans-cultural phenomena whose cultural boundaries are drastically broken up and reshaped in a rapidly changing society. It aims at self-examining making a boundary which causes confrontation between different studies, and further, developing a research model playing a role of bridge between academic study and daily life.

To accomplish this purpose, "Trans-Humanities" has strengthened the relationship with other studies not only in humanities but also those in social science, art and natural science. Plus, it has expanded the scope of existing research in humanities to overall culture and studied about various points of trans-boundaries, listening voices of the marginal and minority group. "Trans-Humanities" is developing a model for anthropology in the future, which is able to adapt to a swiftly changing media atmosphere and seek a harmony between human and technology, and it has put much efforts to connect academic study to daily life, reinforcing the practical aspects of humanistic knowledge and seeking a more public-friendly atmosphere.

"Trans-Humanities Academic Book Series" is designed by Ewha Institute for the Humanities to reflect research results by EIH Trans-Humanities Research Team, and after the issues of glocality, gender and multimedia, this series is made to intensify the research for trans-humanities by the themes of "cultural exchange and hybridity," "post-humanism and human" and "trans-boundary imagination and reconstruction of humanistic knowledge." The EIH expects "Trans-Humanities Academic Book Series" to propose a new direction for humanities and lead a creative and future-oriented humanities.


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