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Jinhee Kim님의 사진입니다.
Name Jinhee Kim
Title Professor
Research Gender issues in Modern Korean literature under the Japanese colonization, Post-colonialism
Office/Affiliation Jin Rm. 301
E-Mail jin_heekim@ewha.ac.kr
* Major Research(Papers &Books)

“Food and the ethics of others represented in Baek Seok`s poems”. THE STUDY OF KOREAN LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE(Vol. 38, 409-435). 2010.

"Jiyong Jung’s later-period poems and Munjang : Focusing on the interaction between painting and literary circles". LITERARY CRITICISM(No. 33, 113-137). 2009. 

"The boundary between literature and politics : The genre of resistance poetry and the history of literature". KOREAN LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE IN INTERNATIONAL CONTEXT(Vol. 46, 95-129). 2009.

"The field of poetry in the 1930s and a direction in female writers’ poems : Focusing on Yoonsook Mo's (1933) early work, A Shiny Zone". KOREAN LANGUATE &LITERATURE(Vol. 68, 229-252). 2009. 

"The Topography of the Others in Kirim Kim`s Literary Theory and the Historicity of Modern Literary Theory". THE STUDY OF KOREAN LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE(Vol. 32, 369-402). 2008.

"The Genre Characteristics and Literary Status of Kim Eok"s Popular Song Lyrics - Focusing on the Femininity with Exoteric Sentiment". KOREAN LANGUATE &LITERATURE(Vol. 65, 467-491). 2008.


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