Article No.
[Dorm] Notice on 2023 Spring Intensive Korean Language Program Dormitory Application

1. Qualification



New students

Re-registered students


Students who passed the document screening for 2023 Spring intensive program

Students who finished their registration for 2023 Spring intensive program

each student can only apply for two consecutive semesters

2. Schedule (※ It may change according to the internal circumstances)






(Tue) Jan 09, 2023 00:00

~ (Tue) Jan 24, 2023 23:59

§ Dormitory applications and room assignments will be made on a first-come, first served basis

§ Please be punctual

Results Announcement

(Fri) Jan 27, 2023

§ New students must complete the payment of tuition for the 2023 Spring semester.


(Fri) Jan 27, 2023

~ (Thu) Feb 2 14:00

§ Make the payment after checking the result and deposit details.

§ If the payment is not made within the specified period, the application will be canceled.

§ Send the payment receipt to by the payment due date.

§ ‘Depositor Name’ should be the student’s name.

Required Document Submission

(Fri) Jan 27, 2023

~ (Fri) Feb 10, 2023

§ Only required to new students

§ Chest X-ray (tuberculosis test) certificate(Copy)

3. Move in/out date & Residence Period (※ may change depending on the internal circumstances)


Dorm category

2023 Spring Semester

Official Move In date

Residence Period

2023 Spring Semester

Move Out date


(Mon) Feb 27, 2023


(Mon) Feb 27, 2023

~ (Fri) May 19, 2023

By 10:00 a.m.

(Fri) May 19, 2023

※ Check-in hours: Weekdays (Mon ~ Fri) 10:00 a.m. ~ 5:00 p.m. (Unable to move in on holidays)

※ Unable to check-in on (Wed) March 1, 2023 as it’s a national holiday

4. Room Type and Fee


Dorm category

Room Type


Building C

Single Room(Public bathroom)

2,120,300 won

Double Room(Public restroom in dormitory)

1,251,200 won

Building D

Double Room(Public restroom in dormitory)

1,251,200 won

※ Please check “Life@ELC→Dormitory” at our website( for detailed information

and photos of the interior facilities. 

5. How to Apply


Log in with the ID used for intensive course application on the ELC course application site ( → dormitory → dormitory application → Korean intensive course Spring semester dormitory application → Submit Application → Save

※ If you are unable to apply for the dormitory even after submitting online application form for the intensive Spring semester, please try again after refreshing the page

6. Required Document Submission

※ In case any document is missing or insufficient, students will be rejected from moving in to dormitory.

Please make sure to prepare all documents and submit them upon your move in.

1) Chest X-ray (tuberculosis test) certificate


New students


All new residents

Submission Due date


(Sat) Jan 28, 2023 ~ (Fri) Feb 10, 2023  Send email to


Submit it directly to the dormitory office on the day of move in


Filmed after (Sat) Jan 28, 2023

§ the result must be written in either Korean or English and need to prove that the student does not have tuberculosis

§ Student name (English), date of birth, date of inspection, and the test result information are required.

2) COVID-19 test result paper (Choose one between the two below)


New students

Re-registered students


All residents

Submission Due date

Submit it directly to the dormitory office on the day of move in

Submit it to the dormitory office

from Feb 28 (Mon) to Mar 3 (Fir)

(Only valid as of office submission date is accepted)


§ (1) PCR negative result paper: Only the test result issued within 2 days from the

move in date will be valid. (valid for 48 hours)

(2) Rapid antigen testing result paper: Only the test result issued within 1 day

from the move in date will be valid. (valid for 24 hours)

§ Student name (English), date of examination, and whether the result is negative should be included.

§ Only negative results of COVID-19 tested in Korea are accepted.

§ Self-diagnosis kit results are unacceptable.

§ Submit the COVID-19 test results within the valid period based on the date of check-in, by using a print-out form (document or captured image of the test results).

7. 2022 Winter- 2023 Spring Vacation Residence


1) Residence Qualification: 2022 Winter semester dormitory residents

2) Residence Period and Fee




Dorm category

Residence Period



Building C

Single Room

(Fri) Feb 17, 2023

~ (Mon) Feb 27, 2023 (Mon)

296,300 won


Double Room

174,900 won


Building D

174,900 won


※ Apply together when applying for the 2023 Spring semester dormitory.

※ You may use the room you live in in the 2022 Winter semester continuously. (In this case, you can use it continuously in the 2023 Spring semester as well.)

The payment will be included in the 2023 Spring semester dormitory fee invoice.

※ Among the residents of the dormitory for the 2022 Winter semester, those who have not applied for the winter-spring vacation period must take all the belongings with them even if they have applied for the dormitory for the 2023 spring semester.

8. Refund Regulation



Notification date

Refund amount

Cancel to move in

Cancel 3 weeks before

the Official Check-In Date

Until (Mon) Feb 13, 2023

100% Refund

Cancel in the middele of the semester

After move in

After (Mon) Feb 27, 2023

Unable to Refund

(But, if you bring a student who can replace you, you can get refund for the amount paid by the person)

Cancel during vacation

After move in

After (Fri) Feb 17, 2023

Unable to Refund

9. Note


1)  If you have not applied or cancel application of ELC Intensive course, the dormitory will be cancelled automatically.

2)  The room will be randomly assigned in the order of application submission.

3)  Application will be cancelled if dormitory fee is not paid by the deadline.

4)  Dormitory check-in is not allowed if there is a problem in chest X-ray diagnosis/COVID-19 test result.

5)  Dormitory is a communal living space, and there may be various inconveniences, such as noise, differences on personality, age, nationality, and life style with roommate. Also, you are not allowed to move your room after move in, so please consider carefully and apply for the dormitory.

6)  Building C may have noise due to restaurant construction and changing rooms because of this is not possible.

7)  If a student accumulates 10 or more demerit points or receives expulsion for violating dormitory rules, they must leave the dormitory immediately (no refund for dormitory fees).

8)  If there is discrepancy between the Korean text of this guide and the English, Chinese, and Japanese texts, the Korean text shall prevail.

9)  Inquiry:

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