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Title : [Ewha News]Robert King, U.S. Special Envoy for North Korean Human Rights Issues Speaks at Ewha

Robert King, the United States special envoy for North Korean Human Rights Issues gave a lecture at Ewha while he was in Korea. Special Envoy King was invited to lecture at Ewha as a part of a course taught in the Division of International Studies. Mr. King spoke to Ewha students about the North Korean human rights situation based on his experience as the special envoy for the issue.


Special Envoy King mentioned cases of human rights violations in North Korea and the efforts that many people and places in the world are making to expose and stop the abuses. In addition, as ways to stop those violations, he suggested that the North Korean regime be held accountable for its dismal human rights conditions and that North Korean residents be allowed to freely engage in the outside world.


A question and answer session followed the lecture. Students asked about ways to help people in the North, and about international political issues concerning the North. During the lecture, Mr. King said that he was impressed by the students’ fluency in English, and he concluded the session by thanking the students for their attention and thoughtful questions and said that he was pleased to meet such outstanding students.

Special Envoy King’s lecture at Ewha received media attention since it was the only occasion for him to meet with the public during his stay in Korea.


Exerpted from Ewha News Center,

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