University Health Service Center

University Health Service Center is a comprehensive health care organization established in April 1956 for students for environmental health, hygiene and health education purposes. Students may ask various questions and receive consultation with a specialist or a doctor from the Edae Mokdong Hospital. This is where you can receive an examination when you are sick.
For the sake of student’s health, the service center conducts various services such as vaccinations, patient care, health counseling, clinical pathology such as chest X-ray and other variety of health care services. In addition, you may issue a refer note from the clinic regarding your diagnosis.

The clinic also conducts health education and clinical counseling for students.

Edae Mokdog Hospital

Contact Information

Division Contact Number
Representative 02-2650-5114
Happy Call Center (Reservation and change) 1666-5000
Emergency Medical Care Center 02-2650-5119, 5129
Hospital administration Counter 1st F. 02-2650-2729, 5645~5646
Hospital administration Counter 2nd F. 02-2650-5643~5644, 5647~5648
Procedures for hospitalization 02-2650-5626
Emergency Reception (Ambulance Information) 02-2650-5115

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