Group Insurance for International Students 


Students of Korean Intensive Program in Ewha Language Center (Foreign nationals)

Enrollment Process

Students are automatically subscribed to the group insurance without additional process from the beginning of the semester.

Application Process after the accident

Accident occurred

Incident reception and Submission of Documents

Assessment of the Insurance Claim

Claim Paid Decision

and Payment

 Please report the accident and submit the documents after the payment of medical fee at your own expense once the accident occurred.

Required documents for claims of deduction

Common Documents

Statement of claim (Downloadable from Homepage),

Personal information collection and use agreement(Downloadable from Homepage),

A certificate of enrollment, A copy of bankbook


First medical examination record, Receipt of prescription drug bills, Receipt of medical bills


Medical certificate, Detailed statement of hospitalization, Receipt of medical bills


Death certificate, Authorization letter, Family relationship certificate, Seal certificate


Please contact to insurance company in advance as required documents may be vary depending on the personal accident.

It is impossible to issue a certificate of insurance policy individually. In case you need a certificate of insurance policy, please request it to the Korean Education Safety Credit Society.

Inquiry (Contact Information)


Korean Education Safety Credit Society

You can download a Statement of claim and a Personal information collection and use agreement on ‘Download’ menu in ‘Customer Center’.


Kakao TalK

Search ‘Korean Education Safety Credit Society’ or ‘foreignsafety’ a Kakao Talk Friend finder search box


Insert ‘foreignsafety’ at Friends finding search box or QR Code recognition



070-7848-2013(Available for a consult with foreign languages)




Please find detailed information on the insurance presentation and guidebook below.

Ewha Womans Univeristy Insurance Presentation(Click)

Guidebook for International Students





National Health Insurance

International students staying in Korea are subject to a mandatory subscription to National health insurance from March 1, 2021.

Eligible Subjects

International students who have been in Korea for six months with General training visa (D-4).


Monthly contributions KRW 43,490 (For those who subscribe on March 1)

Due Date

The contribution for the next month is due by the 25th of the current month (prepayment).


 Payment Method

Choose 1

among (1) ~ (3)

(1) Automatic transfer(from your bank account or credit card)

(2) Website at

Choose ‘Contributions/Payment’ menu on the first page of the website → Login → Choose ‘Contributions’ and ‘Monthly contributions’, then click ‘Payment method’ button at the bottom

(3) Visiting NHIS branch office or bank for payment

Enrollment Procedure

No action is required form students as they are automatically subscribed to health insurance by the NHIS.

National Health Insurance Center Inquiry and Consultant 


NHIS Center for Foreign Residents

NHIS Customer center

• Service time: Weekdays(Except weekend & holidays) 9:00am~ 6:00pm

• 1577-1000 Dial number #7 for foreign languages services

• 033-811-2000 Foreign languages Consultant 

  (English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Uzbek)

Insurance Information

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