EMC (The Ewha Management Club)

EMC, the Ewha Management Club, consists of certificate students of the EWHA Executive Management Program.

EMC was founded for the continuing education of Korean women leaders, with the aims of  self development  and social responsibility. EMC used to belong to the Management Research  Center, but is now affiliated with the ESB (Ewha School of Business).

EMC has continuously  persued self development  through regular, special, and continuous lectures, and many other education programs since 1971. EMC has offered scholarships to foster women leaders at EWHA. EMB also has made great social and educational contributions such as by offering funds for the development of EWHA and ESB, by supporting medical service in Nepal, and by caring for neighbors.

EMC will continuously offer various education programs for  self development , sincerely support ESB, and care for our neighbors here and abroad. EMC is open to all alumni members.

The 29th EMC Chair, Hoo Ja Choi


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