Invitation to Ewha Executive Management Program

As the hub of women’s education, Ewha Womans University offers an Management Program for women business leaders and specialists in various fields. The EWHA Executive Management Program has produced about 3,836 certificate students since 1970, and has been the premier educational incubator of professional women business leaders. Also, we have been dedicated to the development of country and the broader global society in accordance with the founding sprit and philosophy of EWHA.

The EWHA Executive Management Program cultivates global women CEOs who can meet the demands of the modern business world. Students experience a balanced education that incorporates both theory and practice, and is taught by top quality faculty and CEO professors.

Students can build friendly relationships with fellow students and alumni through various events and meetings held over the duration of this program. It is essential for business leaders to continuously seek learning opportunities and to realize dreams. There is no rest for  self development .

In conclusion, I look forward to seeing you in the EWHA Executive Management Program.

                                                    Dean, Ewha School of Business

                                                                                                                                        Ewha Womans University

Dean's Message

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