A letter from Dean of Ewha School of Business/Master of Business Administration


To the future business leader,


Welcome to Ewha School of Business and Master of Business Administration !


Here, Ewha Business is a historical site for Korean industrial/business women! If you are a female manager, executive or practitioner in a company or public organization, Ewha Business is not just one of several prestigious business schools/MBA in Korea.


In 1964, when Korea was an industrial wasteland and Korean women were encouraged to live as wise mother and good wife than acting as leaders or experts, the dream of nurturing equality in Business, which we take for granted today, was planted here in Ewha Business.


In “Ewha Business”, many seniors studied modern business administration and struggled against adversity in a barren working environment to serve as role models for female managers and leaders one by one.


Left behind the brilliant histories, now “Ewha Business” took another steps to become a new business school which is the world desperately requesting after COVID19. As always, we’re keep going further based on the frontier spirit as like pioneers and the Christian spirit that fulfills its mission by truly serving the world.


In other words, we evolve into a “Science-Art(Sci-Art) business education community”, which have never been in the world. It can provide not only humanity and science and technology but also new philosophy, business knowledge, and the best experiences and networks to create a 'product-service-enterprise system' that impresses people like artists.


Sci-Art Business School(Graduate, MBA) is a new business education venue that fosters the next generation of female business leaders who can 1) leads rational business decision-making by developing scientific and logical thinking skills, 2) leads companies and markets with humanities and artistic creative capabilities, 3) serve “people” including family, friends, fellow seniors and juniors, society,


Under this business education philosophy, all students of Ewha Business understand the infinite cutting-edge scientific technology in the AI/Bigdata era and use it in the field properly. At the same time, they can enjoy historical literature-art-music created with the theme of human and life. And they will have the advanced business skills and vision that can be used for business in high-income society. Needless to say, of course, the latest business knowledge.


Now, upcoming Sci-Art business education in Ewha Business will expand not only for young college students/graduate students who have traditionally graduated from high school and college, but also for all female business manager in lifelong education. When you stand on tiptoe to manager from practitioner, when you become female executive from female manager through fierce competition, and when you want to change your career to a higher education professor/researcher based on your long experience as a business manager, COME to Ewha Business.


Excellent future female leader candidates who are struggling to choose a good business school/MBA!

For an excellent female leader, the reality of corporate in Korea still has a thick glass ceiling. The percentage of female office workers averages is over 30% and 50% by sector in the Korean industry, but the percentage of female executives is only 3 to 4%. In addition, less than 20% of female managers believe that they can advance beyond the position of general manager in the company.


Here, Ewha Business considers the situation and needs of women who have prepared, tried, and endured in this difficult environment. Please come and experience the optimized curriculum, training schedule, teaching method, and educational environment.


Beyond your personal business success, promotion within the organization, and self-realization, I encourage you to join the precious mission that opens the way as a pioneer and challenger for many future female business leaders born on earth! In order to make your dreams come true in the business field and your experience with “Ewha Business” as happiest and proudest memory throughout your entire life, I and all of our staff will do our best.


Once again, welcome to Ewha Business!


Ewha Womans University

Dean of Business School/President of Master of Business Administration

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