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                                    Ewha Inside

              Ewha Inside is a zone with touch-screen display kiosks that introduce Ewha’s alumnae and faculties.

Ewha Power

  • Visitors can find information about ‘College & Graduate Schools of Ewha,’ Research at Ewha,’ ‘Global Ewha,’ and ‘Ewha Campus.’

Ewha People

  • Visitors can find information about ‘Ewha’s Pioneers,’ ‘Ewha and Global Leaders,’ and ‘Ewha’s Presidents.’

Video Zone

  • Visitors can have a look at the images of Ewha’s past and present-day on a 16-meter-wide screen display.
  • ‘The Four Seasons at Ewha,’ ‘Ewha’s Promotion Video’ and ‘Ewha’s Past and Present’ are shown on the unfolding display.
  • Videos are available in three different languages: Korean, English, and Chinese.