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List of Courses & Faculty  

Ewha ICSC is distinguished by its prominent faculty at the top of their fields of research, who come to teach in the programs from world-renowned universities.

Category I: Academic Courses taught in English

      Course # Course Faculty
Academic Writing
36143 Academic Writing I Shu Che
Business & Economy


Sei-Wan Kim

Financial Management

Jungsoon Shin


Eugenio Dante Suarez

Global Economic Issues

Eugenio Dante Suarez

Principle of Accounting Information

Seong Y Cho

International Trade

Jinhwan Oh
East Asian Studies

Asian Culture And Cinema

Héctor D. Fernández L'Hoeste

Sexual Desire in East Asia

John Whittier Treat

International Relations among East Asian Countries

Ihn-hwi Park
Korean Studies

Modern History of Korea

Michael Robinson

Popular Culture of the Korean Society

Michael Pettid

Living World Religion in Seoul

Marc S. Mullinax

Topics in Modern and Contemporary Korean Film and Literature  

Christopher P. Hanscom

Korean Language in Culture and Society Korea

Sang-Seok Yoon
 10961 Contemporary Korean Cult ure Heather Willoughby
  1105 6

Cultural History of Korea 

Yong Soon Min 

Han, Heung, Slaim: Korean Mystical Spirituality of Liberation Hyun Kyung Jeong 
Music, Art & Design

Traditional Korean Painting (Studio-type)

JooYeon Lee

Traditional Korean Music (Studio-type)

Yusun Kim

Korean Ceramics(Studio-type)

HoJeong Jeong


Korean Ceramics(Studio-type)

YeonHee Ji

Dance  and Culture: an Introduction to Korean Traditional Dance

Minjung Shim

Music as Global Currency for Diplomacy: Introduction to Int'l Diplomacy through Music

Chris Younghoon Kim

Cross-cultural Studies of Music

Kay Kyurim Rhie
Natural Sciences

The course "General Biology" has been canceled due to urgent issues. 


General Chemistry

Gijs Du Laing
North Korean Studies

North Korean Studies on Society & Culture

Seok Hyang Kim

International Relations of North Korea with East Asian Countries

EuiKwan Chang
Social Sciences

Comparative Politics

Young-Choul Kim

Understanding Psychology

Kyoung Ok Seol

Understanding Advertising

Sun Joo Ahn

Introduction to Sociology

Harris Hyunsoo Kim
Women's Studies

Gender Relations in Korea        

EunMie Lim


Asian Women in the Glocal Era

Julie Cho
1 1030 Gender and Sexuality in Korean Culture     Todd Henry 
10958 Women throughout Korean History

Michael Pettid

Important Note : Please note that courses with less than 5 enrolled students will be cancelled. / The a bove courses are subject to change without prior notice.

Category II: Korean Language Courses

     Course # Course Institution
11008 Korean Language Level 1 (Basic) Ewha Womans University Language Center
11009 Korean Language Level 2 (Intermediate) Ewha Womans University Language Center
11010 Korean Language Level 3 (Advanced) Ewha Womans University Language Center
11011 Korean Language Level 4 (High Advanced) Ewha Womans University Language Center      
Important Note : Korean Language Courses are offered in the afternoon only. / Students must take the Korean Language Level Test for placement for the appropriate class.

Category III: Academic Courses taught in Korean

Students are welcome to attend courses conducted in Korean if they are fluent in both spoken and written Korean. To access courses in Korean, To access courses offered in Korean, please visit Ewha’s website at http://www.ewha.ac.kr and click on “학사정보” (Academic Resources) on the quick menu of your left hand side. From there, students will be able to find the courses, according to its classifications.

Once click on the URL website above, a pop-up will appear on screen, asking to select the year/semester of English-taught courses that want to find. Make sure to click on “2014 - 여름계절” and then click. It will provide students with an idea of the type of courses students might find in the course offerings for summer 2014.

Note : Some courses are restricted to relative specific majors only. Therefore, it is important to check beforehand with the professors to double-check before registering (see below).

Contacting Professors

When in need of a course syllabus which is not offered on the website, students can contact the professors directly by obtaining their email address and contact number through the search menu at the university’s webpage: Faculty Searchin g