Waiting for daughters of Ewha!
Looking for International Ewha graduates

As international students are sent off to the world, Ewha feels the same as a mother sending off her daughters to wed.

With the heart of a mother missing her daughter, Ewha is waiting for international Ewha graduates
who lost contact after graduating Ewha. We are sending a small but special gift to those who share
their delightful news. We would like keep in contact and share our stories through this opportunity.

Please fill in the below blank with your information. Thank you.

*First Name
*Last Name
*Student ID Number or Year & Month of Admission
(ex. 2010 March, 2006 September)
*Year of Graduation
*Program attended at Ewha
Current residence
Current Address
*E-mail Address
*Name of school where currently enrolled and/or name of current place of employment
*Address of the school and/or employer (city, country)
*Job responsibilities and title/Description of studies

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