According to the Korean law, to reside in Korea for more than 3 months, you must have the alien registration card within 90 days upon your arrival in Korea. This permit is required regardless of your visa status, and it is to your advantage to make it as soon as possible. When you make it, visit the Seoul Immigration Office individually.

You have to visit the Seoul Immigration Office, which is located near Omokkyo station (subway line 5) to apply for an alien registration card all by yourself. You also need to register your finger print.

Document Requirements

1. Valid passport 

2. A copy of passport

3. Official certificate of enrollment or a certificate of admission

4. Application form (available at or Archives )

5. 1 color photo (3.5cm x 4.5cm / White Background) 

6. Fees (tax stamp 10,000 KRW) 

Directions to Seoul Immigration Office

1. Take subway line 5 and get off at Omokyo station.  

2. Look for the sign, “To Seoul Immigration Office”.

3. Take exit 7 and then walk straight for 10 minutes, about 1 km.

4. Go straight until you see Mokdong middle school, and across the street you can find the Seoul Immigration Office.

※ Note:

You may find it easier to take a taxi from the subway station, which will cost around the basic fare of 2,400 KRW. The Seoul Immigration Office is a seven-stories gray colored building close to the Yangcheon-gu Office, Mokdong apartment complex 8 • 14.

Telephone Number



Office Hours

9:00am - 6:00pm Weekdays,
9:00am - 1:00pm Saturday
(2nd and 4th Saturday closed)

※ Note: It helps to make and keep
a copy of your passport before you
go, since the immigration office will
be keeping your passport for about
2 weeks or longer.

※ Map image source:

Alien Registration Card Sample

Front A

Back B

Front A

1. Alien Registration Number : First 6 digits(date of birth)/Last 7 digits(personal number)

2. Name : Name as in passport

3. Nationality : Nationality as in passport

4. Residence : Address in Korea

5. Status of stay : Status of stay

6. Date of issue, Date of expiry : Date of issue (top line) / Date of expiry (bottom line)

※Since the date of expiry is March 10, 2013, permission for extension must be made at least ten days before March 10, 2013

7. Office of issue: Office that issued certificate (including phone number)

Back B

1 Date of permission : To fill in dates of other permission applications

2.Contents of permission : To fill in change of status of stay, change of workplace, additional workplace, change of address, etc.
3. Office : To fill in office granting permission

4. Period of stay : To fill in period of stay and changed date of expiry

Re-issuance of Lost or Damaged Alien Registration Card

If your alien registration card is lost or damaged, you should apply for re-issuance of the lost or damaged card to a local or district immigration office having jurisdiction over the place of your stay, within 14 days since such events occur. You should also report changes of particulars of your alien registration card to a local or district immigration office having jurisdiction over the place of their stay, within 14 days since the changes occur.

Document Requirements

1. Application form (available at or Archives)

2. 1 color photo (3.5cm x 4.5cm / White Background)

3. Passport

4. A copy of passport

5. Fees (tax stamp 10,000 KRW)

Return of Alien Registration Card

When you leave Korea after the end of your study, you must return your alien registration card to an immigration officer at the departure airport or port. If you don’t return your alien registration card, you can be fined up to \100,000. 

Please remember to return your Alien Registration card to an Immigration officer at the airport when leaving Korea, or when you acquire Korean nationality. Even if you did not return your alien registration card at the airport when you leave Korea, your alien registration card will become useless and your visa will expire automatically no matter how much time you have remaining until your visa expiration date.

However, you are exempt from this duty, if you are

1. A registered foreigner who has obtained a re-entry permit, and plans to re-enter Korea within the period of re-entry given
2. A registered foreigner who has a multiple visa, or a national of Re-entry Permit Waiver countries and wishes to re-enter Korea within the period of stay given