귀국 전 준비사항



Student must request either international office or registrar’s office of the partner institution for a transfer of her transcript to Ewha OGA.

Student must request her transcript in English, the only acceptable format. (If the institution does not issue transcript in English, the document must be translated and notarized after return to Korea.)

Transcript is valid only submitted in sealed condition, therefore student is required to submit hers in such manner if she is personally delivering the document.

Transcript delivered to OGA will be not be disclosed outside the university, therefore student is advised to request additional transcript if necessary.

Student is advised to keep and bring her course schedule, syllabus, exams, and deliverables, as they could be required for submission in credit transfer process.

If student went to the partner institution for the first time, she must submit the undergraduate system reference (course hours, credit requirement for graduation, grading system, etc.) to Ewha Registrar’s Office.

For Ewha students’ benefit, student is required to submit undergraduate policy, dormitory, application form to OGA.

If the remainder of semester before graduation is only one left, student is advised to request the partner institution that transcript mailing is expedited since credit transfer process should take place promptly.