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교환학생 준비 Tip

교환학생 지원 장학금

Undergraduate: Students who have completed minimum of one semester for the purpose of credit transfer and intent to earn degree or credits from Ewha Womans University

Graduate (Master’s Degree):
Students who have not participated in foreign exchange student program during undergraduate years in Ewha Womans University and are studying for the purpose of earning credits. If the intent of the student is to conduct research or collect academic reference, such student is not eligible. For students studying for doctorate degree, although there is no selection plan, can apply for an exchange program if they have directly communicated and reached an agreement with desired universities.

Students with GPA equal to or higher than 3.0/4.3; graduate students with GPA equal to or higher than 3.3/4.3

Students who are able to study in the language spoken in respective universities (Students who have been qualified in official foreign language fluency certification in accordance with “Eligibility Standard for Language Proficiency by Category”)

Students without any record of disciplinary actions according to university regulation (academic probation does not fall into the category.)

Students without any disqualifications for overseas travelling

Students with qualifications required by Office Global Affairs or receiving universities.
* Students should be advised that the credits acquired in other universities (domestic/foreign) than Ewha Womans University will be accounted and transferred within the 50% of the credits required for graduation.