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Session I 

Session I is a month-long program designed for globally-mi nd ed students who desire to pursue both academic and cultural endeavors. Academically, Ewha’s summer program is renowned for its dedicated and experienced professors, not to mention a broad array of courses on offer that provide students with effective learning opportunities in many disciplines.
During the program students take exciting hands-on field trips in and out of Seoul that allow them glimpses into the tradition and everyday life of Korea.

Courses and credits

Students choose 2 courses from the 3 categories below to earn 6 credits. Although most institutions outside Korea accept credits earned at Ewha ISC, students are recommended to check with an international program officer in their home institution before applying.

    Credits: Each course is 3 credits.

  • Category I : Academic Courses taught in English
    Around 30 Courses on Korean Studies, East Asian Studies, Women’s Studies, Music, Art & Design, North Korean Studies and other disciplines
    (Please refer to "Courses by Time-Slot" at
    /user/indexSub.action?codyMenuSeq=19187&siteId=summer&menuUIType=sub )
  • * Important Note: Please note that Courses with less than 5 enrolled students will be cancelled. / The above coursesare subject to change without prior notice.
  • Category II : Korean Language Courses
    4 levels of Korean from Basic to High Advanced
    Course # Course Institution Syllabus
    11008  Korean Language Level 1
     Ewha Womans University
     Language Center
    11009  Korean Language Level 2
     Ewha Womans University
     Language Center
    11010 Korean Language Level 3
     Ewha Womans University
     Language Center
    11011 Korean Language Level 4
    (Highly Advanced)
     Ewha Womans University
     Language Center


    * Important Note: Korean Language Courses are offered in the afternoon only. / Students are required to take the Korean Language Level Test for placement in the appropriate class.

  • Category III : Academic Courses taught in Korean
    Around 200 courses on Humanities, Arts & Sciences, Sociology, Foreign Languages, Architecture, Engineering, Arts & Design, Business, International Studies, Law, Natural Sciences, and more. Students are welcome to attend courses conducted in Korean if they are fluent in both spoken and written Korean. To access courses in Korean, To access courses offered in Korean, please visit Ewha’s website at http://www.ewha.ac.kr and click on “ 학사정보 ” (Academic Resources) on the quick menu of your left hand side. From there, students will be able to find the courses, according to its classifications.
  • Once click on the URL website above, a pop-up will appear on screen, asking to select the year/semester of English-taught courses that want to find. Make sure to click on “ 2015 - 여름계절 ” and then click. It will provide students with an idea of the type of courses students might find in the course offerings for summer 2015 .
  • * Note: Some courses are restricted to relative specific majors only. Therefore, it is important to check beforehand with the professors to double-check before registering (see below).


    Contacting Professors

    When in need of a course syllabus which is not offered on the website, students can contact the professors directly
    by obtaining their email address and contact number through the search menu at the university’s webpage:
    Faculty Searching


Day Track Time
Monday - Thursday AM : Category I & III 09:00 - 11:30
PM 1 : Category I & III 12:30 - 15:00
PM 2 : Category II
(Korean Language Courses)
14:00 - 17:00
Friday & Saturday Field Trips & Cultural Excursions