There are four functional concentrations at the International Studies Department: International Trade & Investment, International Business, Development Cooperation, and International Relations  

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International Trade & Investment concentration is designed to meet the growing need for international trade specialists in Korea and abroad. This program studies the theory, formulation, and history of international trade and negotiation. Also, students are expected to develop a broad understanding of how economic, business, and political factors interact in shaping the international trade environment.


International Business concentration is designed for students who wish to pursue internationally oriented careers in various kinds of private and public sectors dealing primarily with international
business and management. This program offers special expertise in international business, finance, and management.


Development Cooperation concentration prepares students for future work in various multilateral and bilateral international organizations with a special emphasis on international development. Through an interdisciplinary array of courses in economic development, democracy, and international development cooperation in developing countries, students in this major acquire a broader understanding of the processes of economic, political, and social change and development in the developing world.


International Relations concentration aims to train students to better cope with the ever-changing dynamics of international affairs. This concentration is designed for students interested in defense policy, diplomatic relations, and international conflict. Students in this program are trained to have expertise in analyzing various kinds of functional and security issues in the international arena.

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